You have the CHOPS!?!

Are you ready? Is your vision wide enough, professional enough, experienced enough to take the challenge of a highly bankable web address? This isn’t kids stuff…really now…You have the CHOPS!?!

Here’s what you won’t see:
⦁ Some kind of evaluation with a list of “factors”
⦁ Pitching “fundamentals”
⦁ Talk about “Back-end” and “SEO” or “Monetization”
⦁ A lecture on “Latent Semantic Indexing” and “backlinks”
⦁ Blabber about how “tough” it is to figure out how much a domain is worth.
If you are looking for any of the above, google “Domainers”, “URL Brokers”, “Flippers” and thanks for stopping by… Have a good day.

Bonus spin 🙂 WashingtonDCresearch.Com is bundled with WashingtonDCresearch.Live with WashingtonDCresearch.Net and with WashingtonDCresearch.Org.

You need to have experience beyond the above freshman 101’s to understand, it’s potential and how easily it fits into a modern social media warning label truth-tagged environment.

If you are professional enough to design a start-up, have the branding acumen to move fast to the top, a business set up in place and the skills to expertly pull off guest hits on Network news, cable shows and podcasts…

KEY TAKEAWAY: say it out-loud. Now, go ahead, say it now— “Washington DC Research dot com”

Talk it into your phone, Go Ahead, into your phone—Washington DC

I am a private person selling the URL This is a private sale.

This site has information about the domain name originally registered by me through Network Solutions. I do NOT buy and sell domains, I am not a “domainer”, URL Broker, “Flipper” or any other avocation in the industry having to do with domain names. I am simply the person who registered this name in 2008, never used and now is the time for another to take it to it’s limit. This URL is for sale. This domain is a brand new, fresh presence on the internet, It has never been used as a site name, it has never gone live.

This is a private sale. Please make an initial contact here, I look forward to talking with you.

Direct contact: (use WDCR in the subject line)

END of the page: You have the CHOPS!?!

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