Pot of Gold?

Here’s the real story about Domain Valuation.
If you spend $39.95 for one of the many sites and experts to give you an idea of what a domain name is worth, the worth of your domain (no matter what it is) will be MINUS $39.95.
Wait what?
Right. Your expert domain valuation is worth -$39.95, no more no less, you will be out of pocket about 40 dollars poorer.
Now the evaluate-or will tell you it’s worth much more than that–hundreds, even thousands of dollars. Nice of them.
But no matter what you are told, you are $39.95 poorer. OK, that doesn’t sound right to you? I get that. So consider this: Your name has intrinsic value, that is, timing, cuteness, start-up possibilities and many other factors only you can promote directly.
Keyword phrase here: Promote Directly.

You don’t need a masterclass to understand the way you can make this flow. — Steal all the growth hacking methods you want, remember however if you don’t have the “IT” site name (NOT Information Technology now) that’s scalable, brandable and current, all the strategies you use will turn to bitmush.