Start-Ups, Internet Entrepreneurs, “Domainers” “Brokers” “Flippers” and those wanting to change their work life…

(IMPORTANT Five Minute Read)

These Dot Coms with the matching Dot Live domain names are for sale. Several other names I have acquired over years of following the changes in the way the “internetweb” is used are also detailed on this WordPress site ( Click through the menu at the top of the pages for a complete look at the names. Each has on these landing pages information and suggestions for a business approach along with stats that gauge the possible audience.

GetTheHook.Com with GetTheHook.Live

WorkingDancer.Com with WorkingDancer.Live

CrackTheScreen.Com with

None of these concepts have ever gone “live online” and were specifically registered by myself through Network Solutions for start-ups. For those creatives who are looking for extra, are woke to these riffs and maybe even want to slay, the possibilities for the above URL’s are endless. If you’re not hip to that you might want to take up beekeeping… (using one of the above names of course 🙂

Make a serious initial contact (keep trying 🙂 ) at:

 All right… I get responses and here's how I deal with them. I'm not going to write back with some cute "Gee thanks for the wonderful offer! You're just swell!" from some low ball or obvious game playing offer. I just delete, toss, erase and don't think about it again. Gives those attempts a second chance at being reasonable.

Please don’t ask, “How much do you want for it?” in the first sentence.
The answer will be, “One hundred million USD in unmarked bills and a private jet and landing strip on a private estate in Maui.” Isn’t that what you would want?

So be realistic.

Looking at the long term.

IMPORTANT questions I’m asked about: writing-off the cost of a domain, depreciation, amortization, taxing…

YES… you can right-off the cost of a domain name… YES you can amortize…YES you take tax deductions… OK? Now this has been my experience so if you want the most modern toss on costs of buying and using, start at some of the sites referenced here:

Can I deduct a domain name?
Domain names are generally regarded as intangible personal property. The nominal annual domain name registration fees are generally deductible. … You must amortize these costs if you hold the section 197 intangibles in connection with your trade or business or in an activity engaged in for the production of income. › tax-credits-deductions › discussion

How Tax “Write-Offs” Really Work – WealthFit › articles › how-tax-write-offs-real…
Mar 22, 2021 — These costs could include: purchasing a domain name for your company website; advertising on Facebook and Google or in the local paper; paying the fees to …

Can you expense a domain name?
Initial expenses incurred for obtaining a domain name, and setting up the website is tax deductible, along with the annual website hosting fee. … All these expenses are tax-deductible as they may qualify as ordinary and necessary for the business.
Tax Deductions for Online Business Owners

BTW… I AM NOT a broker. flipper, domainer, or any other label that’s current. I am a professional when it comes to marketing (sorry about the self-props). I originally registered the domain names described on these pages. I am selling the domain names described on these pages so a new generation of web entrepreneur will have a good chance at success.

To continue–
A $9 purchased web name is not just that. Let’s add the real costs:
Yearly renewal. OK $9 or 40 dollars whatever. Wait…I have to remember to do the renewal or get someone to do that, someone in my office that I pay the cost of doing business for. Or my time.
I have to check my ICANN info several times a year (remember ICANN is about ASSIGNED NAMES AND NUMBERS…the ANN part… not a rental company) and keep up with the many regulations and changes ICANN has and make certain the registrar of my domain name has the information correct.
I have to answer phone calls and texts (most spam from developers of pages this and pages that) about the address. I my have several addresses so for each different calls and messages.
I have to pay for and set up a landing page for the web names. If I am serious about selling a name, I have to take the time or hire someone to help with the admin of sales and promotion, or do it myself for the hour or daily rate that I get for my work and experience.
If I am a serious and respected business person I register US Copyright and Trademarks, get Service Marks of the name from the state or wherever I live. Or I hire someone who searches the many aspects of the name that are important to whom might want the registration (This takes a lot more time than checking a couple pages on a google search. A lot more…) and have the forms filled properly and costs of filings accounted for.
I’ll compose and write snail mail executive summaries and send those, and either I or an employee or business partner who I have to pay to be a contact and sales person and the time it takes to negotiate a TRANSFER OF REGISTRATION which by the way is not a tenants rental agreement as mentioned and as some people think. Or I have to do all the above and then deal with the time it takes to negotiate commissions, royalty’s, escrow charges and the additional cost of doing business.
There are many other costs both large-legal fees, and small-postage stamps that are included, as well as insider gymnastics not even skirted here.

So let me bring it home. That 9 dollar name is now a 900 dollar name or more likely a 9000 dollar name. Or, for someone who really wants the name and is thrilled you have held on to it for them…9… you can add more zeros (but don’t count on that last point).
If you don’t want to do all of the above work, transfer it for $90, so you at least come out even, and someone else can try
Best luck to all.

Direct contact: (use WDCR in the subject line)

I don’t collect any information about you. None…Zip…Not interested in your internet habits. What WordPress collects is their thing. Your email stays in my inbox along with answers you get in the information I send to you. Thanks.