Washington DC Research

Ladies and Gentlemen…Boys and girls of all ages…Cast your eyes on the center ring!

In the new online world of Warning Labels, Fact Checking and Truth Tagging, Washington DC will appear near the top of the search position.

WashingtonDCresearch.com … is a KEYWORD DOMAIN…it implies ACCOUNTABILITY…it suggests ACCURACY.

Facebook spokesman: “We work with 70 Fact Checkers…” (Craig Melvin interview, Sept 15, 2020 on MSNBC) How would you like to be number ONE on that list? Washington DC Research dot com is your track…

Will be the go-to site for Fact Checking in a Social Media Warning Label Future. I’m not going to list the obvious pluses of the name. If you are a media professional who is prepared to take this URL and fast-track it into the best in category search… YOU will easily command the possibles. And, if you are currently or can quickly get equipped and staffed-up… drop a site…partner with a major…fold into a major.


A NEXT-GEN Top of the Search Page DOT COM for a Social Media Warning Label Truth-Tagged Internet. I am a private person selling the URL: www.WashingtonDCresearch.com

***Bonus spin 🙂 WashingtonDCresearch.Com is bundled with WashingtonDCresearch.Live with WashingtonDCresearch.Net and with WashingtonDCresearch.Org.

Re-imagine your present internet “infrastructure”. You are a start up wizard…you are a site guru…you are a hero of hits…so, try a little something new and visualize the concept: Maximum Key Word coverage you’ll summon by leading your visitors through the related yet diverse content of WashingtonDCresearch dot Com, Live, Net and Org.

Your turn.

This Landing page has information about this Domain Name and an evaluation of the conceptual directions this name will command. SELECT THE MENU AND MOVE THROUGH THE PAGES (about a 10 minute read).

Are you ready for the challenge of SCALABLE, TOP LEVEL, KEYWORD DOMAINS?

END of the page: Washington DC Research info

Direct contact: NRETSON@gmail.com (use WDCR in the subject line)

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