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Why am I retiring my lanyards?

If you’ve gotten this far one of your staff can do a dox on me, should be easy to figure why I’m getting out, and simple to see why a next-gen of internet thinking needs these sites.

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All right… I get responses and here’s how I deal with them. I’m not going to write back with some cute “Gee thanks for the wonderful offer! You’re just swell!” from some low ball or obvious game playing offer. I just delete, toss, erase and don’t think about it again. Gives those attempts a second chance at being reasonable.

Please don’t ask, “How much do you want for it?” in the first sentence.

The answer will be, “One hundred million USD in unmarked bills and a private jet and landing strip on a private estate in Maui.”

Isn’t that what you would want? So be realistic.

What’s your five year plan. What is your “real” cost quarterly…deductions, advertising, amortization…the rest.

Ask yourself if you are set up to allocate enough to take the challenge of a top of the search, highly bankable web address.

“WDCR”... Future Bonus…
A go to site for Fact Checking in the social media warning badge era.

I’m not going to list the obvious pluses of the names. If you are a media professional who is prepared to take a URL and fast-track it into the best in category search YOU will easily command the possibles. And, if you are currently or can quickly get equipped and staffed-up… drop a site…partner with a major…fold into a major.

Washington DC Research, Get The Hook!, Museum Captions, The Real MEME, Working Dancer, Crack The Screen, all including various obvious dot coms, lives, orgs and nets.
This is a private sale. Please make an initial contact here, I look forward to talking with you. Use in the subject — WDCR —

I don’t collect any information about you. None…Zip…Not interested in your internet habits. What WordPress collects is their thing. Your email stays in my inbox along with answers you get in the information I send to you. Thanks.

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