Start-Ups “Domainers” “Brokers” “Flippers”

These Dot Coms with the matching Dot Live domain names are for sale.

GetTheHook.Com with GetTheHook.Live

WorkingDancer.Com with WorkingDancer.Live

CrackTheScreen.Com with

None of these concepts have ever gone “live online” and were specifically registered by myself through Network Solutions for start-ups. For those creatives who are looking for extra, are woke to these riffs and maybe even want to slay, the possibilities for the above URL’s are endless. If you’re not hip to that you might want to take up nursing.

Make a serious initial contact at:

 All right… I get responses and here's how I deal with them. I'm not going to write back with some cute "Gee thanks for the wonderful offer! You're just swell!" from some low ball or obvious game playing offer. I just delete, toss, erase and don't think about it again. Gives those attempts a second chance at being reasonable.

Please don’t ask, “How much do you want for it?” in the first sentence.
The answer will be, “One hundred million USD in unmarked bills and a private jet and landing strip on a private estate in Maui.” Isn’t that what you would want?

So be realistic.